24 Hours in the Wild

      The challenge involves spending a twenty-four hour period away from the trappings of modern life and technology while living in the open in the Brecon Beacons. The pupils are provided with all they need including food, tents (or bivvy bags) and sleeping bags and mats. 

      They are then asked to complete a series of individual and group tasks in the outdoors. These tasks involve thinking skills, personal contemplation, communicating and learning to support each other. The pupils cook all their own meals, build a camp-fire and have to manage themselves on an overnight camp. Twenty-four hours after departing pupils are returned to civilisation, their phones, social networks and busy lives.

      The challenge, which is available to some Year 9 pupils,  has been a great success in stretching pupils, allowing them to reflect and plan for the future and to realise they are capable of being successful even when taken outside their comfort zones. The feedback from pupils has been unanimously positive and suggestions for improvements from the pupils implemented in the following years.

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