Aims, Culture & Ethos

      Dysg Dawn Daioni

      Our mission is defined by the school motto, Dysg Dawn Daioni (Learning Talent Goodness). We aim to provide a secure and caring learning environment in which all young people can achieve their full potential and where they can explore opportunities for involvement in both the school and its wider community. We try to make this statement a reality through the twin themes of partnership and participation, working closely and actively with pupils, parents, Governors, the Local Authority and support agencies, local businesses and our local community. 

      At Olchfa we try to foster:

      • Respect and tolerance
      • Active participation in the life of the school through a wide
        range of extra-curricular activities
      • Spiritual awareness and shared values of care and concern
      • A quality and demanding, inclusive learning environment in all
        subject areas
      • Academic achievement and endeavour
      • The personal and social development of each pupil to prepare
        them for lifelong learning
      • A commitment to the welfare, care and professional
        development of all colleagues
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