The Governing Body of Olchfa comprises of 20 members and provides guidance on all matters relating to the running of the school. It appoints the Headteacher.

      Full Governing Body meetings take place twice per term, with the AGM being the first meeting held in October, shortly after the start of the new academic year. The sub-committee structure is aligned to the Common Inspection Framework, to enable Governors to take a proactive role in contributing to, and challenging school performance. There are termly meetings of the Outcomes, Provision and Leadership committees.

      Governors receive presentations from staff on topical issues. Part of their strategic role is to monitor the progress and performance of the school in order to raise standards and achieve excellence.

      Chair of Governors Headteacher Clerk to Governors
      Cllr M Jones Mr H Davies Mrs J Platt

      Correspondence for the attention of the Chair and Clerk should be forwarded to:

      Olchfa School, Gower Road, Sketty, Swansea, SA2 7AB


      Type of Governor  Name Date Appointed Date Term Expires


      Cllr M Day 6.8.2017 23.08.2021
        Mr J L Ellis 13.5.2015 12.5.2019
        Cllr J Jones 16.9.2016 15.9.2020
        Cllr M Jones 31.1.2016 30.1.2020
        Cllr J Raynor 1.9.2016 31.8.2020
      PARENT Prof G Aarts 11.5.2017 10.5.2021
        Mrs Z Ashton 20.7.2017 19.7.2021
        Mrs A Iftikhar 26.11.2016 25.11.2020
        Mrs C Gosby 10.11.2017 9.11.2021
        Mrs T Nash 9.5.2016 8.5.2020
        Mr R Middleton 26.11.2016 25.11.2020
      COMMUNITY Mr O Elliott 26.2.2016 25.2.2020
        Mrs R Frew 24.2.2017 23.2.2021
        Mrs J Howells 1.9.2018 31.8.2022
        Mrs K Holland 11.10.17 10.10.2021
        Mrs B Jones 3.9.2018 2.9.2022
      TEACHER Mr M Jones 3.9.2018 2.9.2022
        Mr R Williams 7.11.2018 6.11.2022
      STAFF Mrs H Murray 2.9.2017 1.9.2021
      HEADTEACHER Mr H Davies 1.9.2017 31.8.2021
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