At Olchfa we pride ourselves on our thoughtful, diverse and stimulating PE curriculum; this helps to ensure the engagement of all types of learners. We use sport and physical activity to help students acquire and develop the skills needed to live a healthy, happy, active and productive lifestyle; health and wellbeing are at the heart of our curriculum.

      We teach students how to win with humility and to treat defeat and disappointment as opportunities to grow, develop and improve; we aim to produce well-rounded and resilient learners. Students are given the opportunities to work individually, in small groups as well as in larger teams. This helps to facilitate improvements physical competency and confidence as well as the personal qualities of empathy, understanding, patience and respect for the efforts of others.

      Our curriculum is supported by a broad, inclusive and challenging extracurricular program; participation and excellence are two things we have successfully managed to achieve with our current program of provision. Students are given the opportunity to further develop skills learnt during curriculum time and to put those skills to the test by regularly playing against other schools in competitive fixtures.  These fixtures, provide excellent opportunities not only for the most talented performers to develop and flourish but also for the many others who are keen to practise and compete at an appropriate level. Recent years has seen an unprecedented level of sporting success at Olchfa. Teams and individuals regularly achieve City, Regional and National success; this success is based upon talented students who are prepared to work hard and understand the value of teamwork. In our teams sporting etiquette is highly valued and encouraged; students are competitive and play to win, but also understand how to win and lose with grace.

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