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      Welcome to the Pupl Voice page.  Through this page you will be able to see how we contribute to decisions made in the school and our latest news.  

      The School Advisory Board, ‘Voices of Olchfa’, is becoming an established part of the school’s learner voice.  The group is a combination of pupils, parents, teacher governor, teachers and support staff all sharing their views and ideas about our school. The purpose of forming this group was to bring together representatives of all those who have a stake in the school, to contribute to strategic decision making.  Everyone involved has shown real commitment. The pupils have shown great enthusiasm in becoming involved in exploring ideas of improvements and developments across the school.

      Members of the group are as follows;




      School Advisory Board / Voices of Olchfa Board Meetings


      Dates of meetings: to be held in the Library at 5.30pm

      19th October 2016 13th December 2016

      8th February 2017 9th May 2017

      4th July 2017


      Sub Committee : Behaviour / Ethos

      Chair: Needs to be voted in

      Vice Chair: Cate Harvey

      Austin Edginton

      Megan Martin

      Izzie Vivian

      Evan Turner

      Erin Lim

      Dan Peebles

      Teacher link : Mr. Owen


      Dates of meetings: - to take place in the Gower Room at 1.15pm

      11th October 2016 – further dates to follow.



      Sub Committee: Learning & Teaching


      Chair:Maddison Cassidy

      Vice Chair: Jishitha Thota

      Isabelle Davies

      Maisy Wood

      Ffion Bellamy

      Anika Aynul

      Lowri Ratti


      Teacher link : Mr. Williams


      Dates of meetings: - to take place in the Gower Room at 1.15pm

      20th September 2016




      Sub Committee: Our Environment

      Chair: Megan Martin

      Hattie Connell

      Stav Armoni Friedmann

      Kiera Strawbridge

      Alia Hathaf

      Stella Faizbakhsh

      Teacher link: Miss. Toulcher


      Dates of meetings:

      27th September 2016 9th November 2016

      18th January 2017 8th March 2017

      17th May 2017 29th June 2017


      Sub Committee: Our Community

      Chair: Oliver Winchester

      Jess Vivian

      Ffion Bellamy

      Owen Jones

      Teacher link: Miss. Rees


      Dates of meetings:- to take place in the Gower Room at 1.15pm

      4th October 2016 22nd November 2016

      Further dates to be confirmed – following these meetings.


      November 2016

      Owen’s Blog

      Hi, as part of the Community sub-committee linked with the pupil voice, Jess and I have been looking at ways for Olchfa to raise money for local charities. We came up with a number of ideas, including bake sales and sports competitions, but decided to go with the idea of a fun run on our school field. We wanted the event to be interesting but also productive in the sense that we raise money for a charity. The fun run, in our opinions, is an excellent way of incorporating both into one week long event where all Years from  7 to 11 can take part and enjoy themselves. To achieve our fund goal everyone would pay just a pound to enter and would then either run, walk or jog around the field at their leisure. You could even dress up if you wish to make it more exciting. To make this fundraiser go ahead, both Jess and I will pitch our idea to the senior leadership team and hope for their approval.



      November 2016

      November 2016

      Maisy's Blog

      I have been working in this subcommittee along with other members of the group on a specific topic these past months. Recently we have come to carrying out our ideas and plans. The committee’s job is to focus on aspect of teaching and learning in the school and try to improve it in areas we believe could have alterations. The area we have been focusing on recently is pupil voice in teacher observations.

      The idea comes from pupils of the subcommittee, all of whom are strong supporters of pupil voice being heard in the school. We believed as a group that opinions from a pupil point of view, when observing a teacher, can play a vital part in picking up on areas to improve. Whether it’s something like the teacher being unaware of not ever choosing certain people for answers, or that the pupils are completely lost and have no routine to follow in their work therefore not completing anything. It also allows pupils to talk to other pupils to get their thoughts on the lesson.

      The structure of the observations works with a pupil being paired with a Lead Practitioner. The pupil would only ever observe a lesson which isn’t their own teacher, or if it is a year below as that is what pupils found more comfortable. The aim is to have a natural response to pupils observing teachers and so, for now, the observations that have been carried out are only on members of staff that have volunteered to be involved in pupil observations.

      The observations have been successful and we are still learning what else we could focus on during the observations and also the way we can carry them out. It is early days but so far we have had some positive feedback.

      Now, the teaching and learning subcommittee have been focusing on homework and are planning on putting a survey out for pupil’s opinions across the school. We are all eager to hear what people have to say and are determined to make Olchfa the best place for all.

      Thank you for taking the time to read over what we are doing, and we will update you on the new exciting plans that we will have in the near future.  Maisy Wood 10DS

      Thank you from the Teaching and Learning subcommittee.


      November 2016

      Evan’s Blog - Behavior and Ethos Sub-Committee

      On Thursday 24th November at lunchtime, members of the Behavior and Ethos team had a meeting to discuss the way forward on the school’s uniform policy. Mr Owen asked us to come up with a list of reasons to stay in shirt and tie and a list of reasons to move to polo shirts all year round.  A number of different topics came up, for example:


       ·         polo shirts are more comfortable

      ·         shirts look smarter

      ·         polo shirts mean teachers will not have to worry about enforce uniform rules as much

      ·         shirts let us display achievements with, for example, sports ties.

      The full list has since been given to Mrs Salmon, who will bring the subject to the next Voices of Olchfa meeting so that it can be discussed with the wider school community. This will help the school finalise a decision. More will be discussed about uniform in coming meetings so look out for feedback in the next blog!


      Written by Evan Turner


      December 2016

      Kiera’s Blog – Our Environment

      In our most recent environment meeting, we discussed many ideas about the school. These included ideas to improve the quad, which were brought forward. We have made arrangements to repair the quad’s plant holders, so hopefully they will be put into action soon! After talking about the EDSGC plans for year, we began going over the upcoming Switch Off Fortnight at Olchfa, and we all agreed to an idea which has just recently happened. We decided that to make sure teachers were turning off their lights when they were not needed, a few members would go andcheck if teachers were switching off their lights when they weren’t in their room. On Friday, a few pupils did in fact go around the whole school at lunch, and we found that a few teachers weren’t turning their lights off. Next time, we hope that we won’t be giving out any more of our little red cards!

      Kiera Strawbridge

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