School Categorisation

      The National School Categorisation system gives us a clear and fair picture of how well our school is performing compared with other schools across Wales.

      The system is based on three simple steps. It is not purely data-driven and takes into account the quality of leadership, teaching and learning in our schools.

      • Step one - no standards group will be published for 2017/18. 

      • Step two - Improvement capacity: an evaluation of the school’s capacity to improve further, taking account of the evidence about the standards and the quality of leadership, teaching and learning, resulting in an improvement capacity. Schools where the judgement is an A show the greatest capacity to improve along with the ability to support other schools.

      • Step three - Support category: bringing the judgement on the standards group and improvement capacity together to decide on the school’s support category, colour coded either green, yellow, amber or red.



      Standards Group

      Improvement Capacity

      Support Category

       2018  AGreen 









      2015 1 AGreen
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