Senior Leadership Team

      The Headteacher is ultimately responsible for all matters concerned with Olchfa and is responsible to the governing body.

      With them, he determines the school's direction, sets tone, priorities and standards, appoints staff, is the final arbiter in all matters of discipline, and is the school's figurehead for parents, staff and pupils amongst others. He is assisted by the Senior Leadership Team.

      The Senior Leadership Team is made up of the Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher (who deputises for the Headteacher when required), four Assistant Headteachers, the Business & Finance Director, the Learning Director and two Senior Leaders. Individual members of the Senior Leadership Team have full delegated responsibility for their respective specialisms.

      Mr Hugh Davies - Headteacher

      Mr Matt Salmon - Deputy Headteacher

      Mrs Tracey Bramer - Assistant Headteacher

      Mr Alun Owen - Assistant Headteacher

      Mrs Rebecca Salmon - Assistant Headteacher

      Mr Robert Williams - Assistant Headteacher

      Mr Simon Roberts - Director of Business and Finance

      Mrs Nicola Bekmezci - Learning Director

      Mrs Bethan Battisson - Senior Leader

      Mr Andrew Charles - Senior Leader






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