Olchfa has been at the forefront of curriculum innovation for a number of years, beginning with the SMART programme which was launched in 2005. Our work has been recognised by Estyn, the local authority, regional consortia and other schools in Wales. Importantly, curriculum innovation has supported excellent pupil progress and attainment in external examinations places Olchfa amongst the most successful schools in the country.

      More recently, we developed the iLearn approach to curriculum planning and delivery which focuses on enabling pupils to become reflective, confident and independent learners. We provide a whole person education where pupils develop high aspirations and a determination to achieve. The Olchfa iLearn curriculum is broader, more balanced, more inclusive and more challenging than anything that has gone before.

      As we continually seek to refine and improve learning experiences for pupils in Olchfa, education in Wales is changing. The Welsh Government has demonstrated its commitment to develop a ‘made-in-Wales’ curriculum by accepting the recommendations made in Professor Graham Donaldson’s report, Successful Futures. Olchfa is part of a network of Pioneer Schools which will be leading and shaping the detailed design and development of the new curriculum in Wales.

      Year 7 pupils entering Olchfa in September 2016 will experience an exciting and innovative learning experience designed to stimulate enquiry and build upon the progress that they have made in primary school. We are committed to ensuring that examination results in Olchfa, which are some of the best in Wales, continue to evidence the excellent progress that pupils make during their time in our school. We are excited about iLearn and believe that the curriculum, which is underpinned by the development of skills in literacy, numeracy and digital competence, will result in even more ambitious and capable learners who are ready to learn throughout their lives.

      In Year 7, the iLearn curriculum will be organised into six learning areas outlined on the next page. iLearn has been designed to meet the expectations of pupils and parents; it will be stimulating, coherent and consistent, building on the positive learning experiences from primary school. Learning will be reinforced and extended by specialist subject teaching within the learning areas. 


      Learning Area  Subjects Overview
      iCommunicate English, Welsh, Spanish     iCommunicate encompasses the development of skills in listening and speaking, reading and writing in English, Welsh and Spanish. 

      Mathematics, Computing, information Technology

      iCalculate centres on the disciplines of Mathematics and Computing, including the traditional Mathematics components of developing numerical reasoning, number, measuring, geometry, algebra and data skills, together with logic. 


      Science, Design Technology iDiscover will draw on Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Design Technology. 
      iThink History, Geography, RE, Business and Social Studies iThink draws on History, Geography, RE, Business and Social Studies. 
      iCreate Art, Music, Drama iCreate will span Art, Drama and Music. 
      iThrive     PE, Healthy living    

      iThink draws on subjects and themes from PE and PSE (Personal and Social Education). It includes participating in different sports and physical activities as well as helping students to develop the knowledge needed to make informed choices regarding a healthy lifestyle.    


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