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Links with the English Centre, Spain

On Monday 17th June, Olchfa pupils engaged in iThink and iDiscover Science sessions with their peers from Spain. They learned about the coastal processes, landforms and ecosystems found in the Gower.

Having explored food chains and trophic interactions of rocky shorelines with Jack Gourlay, Ceri Humphris and Rebecca Conibear, on Tuesday, students from the two schools put in to practise their scientific protocol on Rhossili headland.  They battled challenging windy conditions to collect data on native grassland species. They were also able to do some bird species identification. One group was lucky enough to see a group of Atlantic Grey Seals. Students also participated in a coasteering adventure run by RipNRock which involved rough ocean swimming and cliff jumping. Students showed excellent resilience and determination to complete a series of increasingly intimidating cliff jumps. 

During the same week,  Olchfa and Spanish students took part in an iThink lesson about coastal erosion and longshore drift. 

On Wednesday the students visited a sunny Three Cliffs Bay. Students from both schools were able to see the results of this geographical process whilst undertaking geography fieldwork on the storm beach.  Alongside the fieldwork, students walked through the sea arch they had learnt about on Monday before experiencing the eroded cliffs up close during a rock climbing activity organised by local adventure company RipNRock. Students showed excellent team working and communication skills as they worked together to help each other up and down the steep rock face

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