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A Caring, Supportive and Inclusive Approach

Olchfa is an inclusive school and we have an outstanding pastoral team that ensures all pupils are able to fulfil their potential and be active members of the school community.

Form Tutors, Learning Leaders and Pastoral Guidance Workers collaborate effectively to ensure all students are supported in their studies and wellbeing. Pastoral support is strong and well-resourced. Form Tutors provide an opportunity for day-to-day contact and are a first port of call for any issues that may arise, academic or pastoral.

There is also a dedicated Learning Leader for each year group whose role is to oversee all aspects of students’ academic and pastoral development and ensure any concerns are dealt with appropriately. Learning Leaders also provide a vital point of contact for parents. Finally, we have an experienced Pastoral Guidance Worker who is available to provide bespoke, personalised care for individual pupils.

We believe that a positive approach to health and wellbeing enables students to achieve their potential and that is why we are committed to nurturing academic talent through supporting whole-person development.

“A highly-committed team of pastoral guidance workers, learning coaches and learning support assistants provide a wide range of effective and carefully co-ordinated support for individual pupils.”  Estyn 2018