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Blended Learning at Olchfa

Since the school closed in March, the school community has been on a steep learning curve. In our attempts to support our pupils as effectively as possible, we have tried to maintain an ethos of clarity, simplicity and consistency by providing a distance learning timetable and clearly structured daily resources. Home Learning tasks have been made accessible to all learners and optional extension tasks have allowed students to tackle more challenging ideas and topics if desired. We have attempted to provide our learners with opportunities to consolidate previous learning, further develop skills and explore interests.  

Regular online contact with teachers has helped many learners remain motivated and engaged in their learning. Teachers have been responding to learners’ questions and requests for support as well as providing formative feedback on specific pieces of work.  We have attempted to streamline communication by focusing on the use of the ‘Google Classroom’ platform for all learning activities.

As you will be aware, the next phase of our return to school requires schools to continue with a blended approach to school based and online learning. The various restrictions imposed by the current situation means we cannot offer pupils a learning experience equal to that provided in the school setting. Even on our phased return to school, we know that many staff and pupils will continue to miss the routine of the school week and the frequent face to face interaction that supports effective learning environments and relationships. Continuing to refine and enhance our approach to distance provision will be crucial as we try to maintain pupil engagement  and support the phased return to normal. 

Please open the booklet below for further information.