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Home Learning April and May 2020

Home Learning

Google Classroom will remain the central platform used for students to access work. However, moving forward, and from Monday 20th April, Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 will be set home learning work according to a weekly timetable which can be accessed via this link. Each day (Monday to Friday), pupils will be provided with two to three hours’ worth of work from one Learning Area/Subject. Tasks will be renewed every week but the organisation of the timetable will be maintained. This is intended to provide clarity for pupils, support consistency across groups and ensure that the amount of work being set does not become overwhelming. Home Learning tasks are intended to be accessible to all learners. However, extension tasks will allow students to tackle more challenging ideas or explore a topic in greater depth if they wish to or are able to.

In Years 7,8 and 9, the work set is intended to consolidate previous learning and, in addition, provide opportunities for pupils to continue with skills development. Some tasks will be devised to encourage a sense of curiosity and maintain a love of learning. In Year 10, teachers will follow a similar ethos but the work will be linked to GCSE content. In Year 12, students will be set two to three hours’ worth of home learning work per subject, per week. Teachers will be setting tasks that support the continuation of subjects at A2 level (Year 13).  

Monitoring progress

Teachers will be responding to learners’ questions and requests for support as well as providing formative feedback on specific pieces of work.  This feedback may be in the form of specific written comments through Google Classroom, emailed written feedback or voice comments.  The online learning packages used may also provide instant feedback to learners and teachers on student performance.  Please reassure your child that if they are unable to complete everything, it is not a problem as long as they are attempting as much as they can.

This is an opportunity to develop confidence and independent learning skills. A simple task done well builds confidence and gives a sense of accomplishment.  We should not endeavour to replicate progress and productivity achieved under normal circumstances; this is just not realistically achievable.  Therefore, we need to provide a way for learners to continue learning in some form and provide a purposeful focus (and possibly a welcome distraction) for them.  It is really important that we maintain a mindful balance for all members of our school community.

Home Learning Timetable Y7-10

Letter to parents and carers 19 April 2020

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