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Information for Year 6 Pupils and Parents

Schedule of events for admissions - Secondary schools 2024 / 2025

Schedule of important dates




September 2023

Information for parents booklet made available to schools and parents / carers on Swansea Council website or by hard copy (available on request)

2 October 2023

Parents / carers are invited to apply for a school place

2 October - 24 November 2023

A period of eight weeks for parents to make their admission applications

24 November 2023

Deadline for parents / carers to submit admission application to the School Support Unit

12 February - 16 February 2024

Half-term holiday

1 March 2024

Local authority notifies parents/carers of secondary school place offered. (All Wales offer date)

28 March 2024

Date by which parents / carers lodge an appeal