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Learning Area Purpose

In the Mathematics, Computer Science and Numeracy AoLE our purpose is to develop the fundamental skills of numeracy and logical thinking, as well as to prepare pupils for the digital world. We  develop  pupils’ skills, knowledge and experiences of using and applying their mathematics in the real world, and prepare them to embrace the fast-changing world of technology.

The Mathematics, Computer Science and Numeracy AoLE prepares pupils for futures where they can apply their mathematics to real world problems with confidence, and where they exhibit mathematical resilience. They will be able to think logically, critically analyse and interrogate data, and make informed decisions. They will understand the power of technology, but also its limitations, and know that there are social and ethical consequences to the use of technology.

Mathematics and Computer Science are universal languages, allowing people from all nations and cultures a common platform for communication. 

The Mathematics, Computer Science and Numeracy AoLE celebrates pupils’ sense of cynefin by encouraging them to think clearly, allowing them to make reasoned decisions about Wales and its place in the world. Wales has a proud history of producing outstanding mathematicians, whose achievements are highlighted in our teaching.

The Mathematics, Computer Science and Numeracy AoLE curriculum will develop:

Ambitious, capable learners, by:

  • Creating opportunities for pupils to use number in a variety of different contexts and to enjoy solving problems

  • Developing the ability to interpret and analyse data in real-life contexts

  • Guiding  pupils to use digital technologies creatively to analyse and interpret information.

Enterprising, creative contributors, by:

  • Encouraging  them to be flexible when solving problems, and to explore other solutions, developing resilience.

  • Allowing them to work with abstract concepts, developing their creativity

Ethical informed citizens, by:

  • Providing them with the tools to analyse data critically, enabling them to form informed views on social, political, economic and environmental issues.

  • Enabling pupils to realise that not all risk is ‘bad’ and that measured risks are part of every-day life.

Healthy confident individuals, by:

  • Developing their knowledge of how technology can allow them to find the information to keep safe and well

  • Investigating personal finance, to allow pupils to develop the skills needed to manage their own finances, make informed decisions and become critical consumers.