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Our Core Values

Olchfa pupils are encouraged to behave in ways that promote and embody our Core Values. We expect Olchfa pupils to be:

  • Respectful - does the behaviour display respect to themselves and/or others?
  • Ready - are pupils properly prepared to learn (state of mind/equipment)?
  • Safe - are pupils behaving in a way that may cause harm to themselves or others?

We are proud of behaviour at Olchfa and this is reinforced by our insistence that pupil behaviour is Respectful, Ready and Safe. We encourage and support pupils so that they develop excellent relationships for learning; we expect them to use language that is positive and affirmative when engaging with staff and other pupils. When relationships break down, we help pupils to engage restoratively with other pupils. Positive behaviour management at Olchfa ensures that our pupils are able to access their key Rights of:  

Learning -  (Articles 13, 28 and 29 UNCRC)

Being Heard - (Article 12, and 30 UNCRC)

Feeling  Safe - (Articles 3, 19 and 36 UNCRC)

Feeling Valued - (Articles 3, 12 and 13 UNCRC)

These are our expectations:

Olchfa Classroom Expectations

  1. Show respect for your teachers and other pupils at all times, by participating in lessons to the best of your ability
  2. Arrive at lessons promptly and ready to learn
  3. Take responsibility for your own safety and the safety of others in all classroom activities

Olchfa Whole School Expectations

  1. Show respect for all members of the school community and school property
  2. Move quickly and efficiently to lessons and other activities
  3. Behave responsibly both inside and outside of the school buildings to ensure the safety of all