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School based pastoral support for pupils

When you arrive at Olchfa, you are placed in a tutor group with other pupils from your year. At the beginning of the school day you join your tutor group in the classroom or in one of the assembly halls for a year group activity. Your tutor is your first point of contact for any concerns that you have, wellbeing or otherwise. Maintaining regular routines wherever possible, such as attending school and lessons, whilst working towards managing emotional health and wellbeing is key. Olchfa offers a range of services to help pupils develop positive emotional health and wellbeing and to support those experiencing emotional health issues. 

Support is available from a number of areas within a school:

  • Form Tutors, Learning Leaders, Pastoral Guidance Workers and the Pupil Welfare Officer are best placed to discuss any issues. Many things can cause a change in emotional health including traumatic events (e.g. loss or separation, life changes, abuse, domestic violence or bullying).

  • Health and Wellbeing teachers have a good overview of emotional health and wellbeing and teach iThrive to all Year 7, 8 and 9 pupils.

  • Mr Andrew Charles leads on pupil emotional health and wellbeing across school and is always keen to support in any way possible.

  • Mrs Cheryl Hopkins is the Pupil Welfare Officer.

  • Mrs Hannah Vincent and Mr Matt Salmon are the Designated Safeguarding Leads.

  • Pupils can email

  • Parents/carers can email


Learning Leader

Pastoral Guidance Worker


Mr Adam Marsh

Mrs Louise Stapley


Mrs Caryl Tucker

Mrs Louise Stapley

Mrs Petra Lelou


Ms Ainsley Rees

Mrs Petra Lelou


Mr Dave Thomas

Mr Matt Robbins


Mr Matthew Jones

Mr Matt Robbins


Mr Craig Reeves

Mrs Angharad Richards


Miss Rachel Lent

Ms Charlotte Howells