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Stress management advice and counselling

The employee counselling service offers a range of support to employees.
This support is confidential and delivered by counsellors who abide by the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) ethical principles and guidelines. We aim to provide support in the best way which would be tailored to the employee's needs, as we recognise each person is an individual and has different needs.
Talking through issues can be helpful and sometimes it can be useful to talk to someone other than friends, family or work colleagues. Someone who will listen, who is not emotionally involved and, through training, has gained additional skills and knowledge to help.

How we can help

  • Confidential one to one counselling

  • Access to other counsellors and/or specialist support as appropriate

  • Advice and support as appropriate and relevant to need

  • Library books on common issues that we can lend you

  • Links to computerised cognitive behaviour therapy programmes which can assist you

  • Support managers with consultation or bespoke training to assist in a wide range of management concerns

How to access the stress management and counselling service

Refer yourself or someone else:  Stress management and counselling referral form (Word doc) [43KB]


It is important to refer to occupational health at the same time if the condition has been longer than 28 days, or if you need advice and guidance for return to work procedures.

Someone from the confidential Helping Hands service may be able to support you whilst you are awaiting an appointment.

The counselling process

The counselling process begins with an assessment interview. The time and date is given when contact is made with an employee. Waiting time for assessment interview appointments is usually around 2-3 weeks unless the need is really urgent and then every attempt is made to arrange an earlier date.

You may be offered up to six counselling sessions. Schools staff should contact occupational health for additional information.

How we can help with stress management

  • Consultation, advice and support for managers, teams and individuals

  • Resource for practical material and information

  • Circulation of information as appropriate

  • Stress risk assessments for individuals and teams

  • Service area stress risk assessments

  • Talk/training sessions on stress awareness and management

  • Training for managers on after care for staff following traumatic incidents


We recognise the need for preservation of confidentiality between an employee seeking support or counselling and the stress management and counselling service. We also recognise the need for a safe environment in which such work can take place.

No information of a personal nature will be disclosed to a third party without the express permission of the employee concerned, except where the public interest overrides the duty of confidentiality. In the event of such a situation arising, the employee will be encouraged to disclose the issue voluntarily. Only in the event of refusal to do so would a decision to disclose information be made in consultation with the head of service. The service abides by the BACP code of ethics and practice guidelines. Confidentiality continues after death unless there are overriding considerations, for example, legal or ethical ones.

Please remember that notes may be written during or after the session. All notes will be stored securely for 5 years, after which they will be destroyed. You are able to request copies of your notes within this timeframe if you wish to, which will adhere to the council's information sharing protocols. 

From time to time we have agreements with external counsellors and therapist, which help support the increasing demands we face, as a result we forward referrals to these counsellors who will contact you to arrange counselling sessions. When you make a referral to the counselling services you may be referred to one of these counsellors due to high demands.